Three Men- Blessed or Cursed

Do you take time to reflect over your life? What have we done with the blessings and how did we handle the challenges? It is a core belief of mine that God creates us with certain gifts, abilities, passions, and desires. I believe these are designed for our service to God. We must accept HisContinue reading “Three Men- Blessed or Cursed”

Do You Want to Get Better?

What does it take to be well? Is it physical, mental, spiritual, or financial? You can visit a professional in that field, someone you trust. Or, we have heard of a remedy, those good old fashion “wives’ tale”. You look for what could work, the easy way out, one that requires no commitment. John 5:Continue reading “Do You Want to Get Better?”

We Are Not Meant to Live Life Alone

I would like to make a point by walking you through the life of a fictional character, Fred. Throughout his life he often felt out of place and uncomfortable even among his family. His parents often found him sitting in the tree house all by himself reading a book. It was a tiny space, enoughContinue reading “We Are Not Meant to Live Life Alone”

Asymptomatic Christian

This year many of us have learned a new word, asymptomatic. According to Merriam Webster the definition of asymptomatic is presenting no symptoms of disease. I want to say this again to make sure we are clear; you are not showing any outward symptoms of the illness. If there are no symptoms, then how did weContinue reading “Asymptomatic Christian”

Good overcomes Evil!!!

We have been taking a walk through my life chapter, Romans 12, and finding the basic’s of living a life everyday with Jesus as the focus. Today’s topic is not any different. I remember back when I was in the 6th grade, we lived in Edison, New Jersey and I walked to Washington Elementary SchoolContinue reading “Good overcomes Evil!!!”

He Gave it to You – What and Why

Last Week we discussed Romans 12: 1-3, my Life Chapter for living in relationship with Jesus. I talked about taking your everyday walking around life and giving it to God as an offering. God is asking for everything, every single part of our lives. He wants to play a role in our ups, and downs.Continue reading “He Gave it to You – What and Why”

The Instruction Manual Says!

Some of you may not have ever opened an instruction manual or even seen one. Today we Google the issue at hand and head straight for a video. Also, every parent holding their Child wonders where the manual is located. Yes, we can find a manual on any piece of equipment. Life is not aContinue reading “The Instruction Manual Says!”

The Mind of Man, Again

As I have watched the news over the past weeks, my mind goes back to so many similar photos, videos, and tragic scenes. For over 400 years in this country, The Civil War, Women Suffrage movements. the decade of the 60’s, mass School Shootings to name a few. The needle has not moved extremely far!Continue reading “The Mind of Man, Again”

The Church in Flux Part 2

We ended part 1 of this thought with a brief move from the Old Testament and into the New Testament. We started with a declaration from Peter after Jesus asked the question, in Matthew 16: 15-18 He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” ThisContinue reading “The Church in Flux Part 2”