The Church in Flux Part 1

At the time of this writing the World finds itself amid the Covid-19 Pandemic and we are very unsure of how to solve the illness without destroying the everyday facets of life. Church is on my mind and has been since we first started the “Shelter in Place” orders, how does this affect the Church?Continue reading “The Church in Flux Part 1”

Am I here to Glorify God?

Do we understand what it means, do we honestly understand what is involved in Glorifying God? I want to borrow an example I heard from John Piper.   Let us imagine Adam and Eve before they ate of the fruit as having mirrors on their chest. These mirrors are aimed in a 45-degree angle. As God’sContinue reading “Am I here to Glorify God?”

Hope, the Light in the Dark

“I hope many of you will read and grow in your walk with God”. Not sure how you feel but that really sounded more like a wish than a hope. Wishing has more to do with a desire that possibly things will be better: making a wish before blowing out candles, throwing pennies in aContinue reading “Hope, the Light in the Dark”

I am Profoundly Unimpressed with Myself!

I was raised in a Christian home, loved on by Christian parents, and accepted Christ at an early age. You might think this means I have some advantages, maybe even an inside track to the Holiness of God. You would be totally incorrect. I am profoundly unimpressed with myself! I don’t pray, read, or connectContinue reading “I am Profoundly Unimpressed with Myself!”